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Galen is an award-winning interior designer.

Galen Hasenpflug, Galen Interiors

Galen has created memorable designs for everything from mountain retreats to urban lofts. His creative vision has garnered awards including a Mame award for his outstanding show home design. His work has been featured in Colorado Homes and Lifestyles and Phoenix Home and Garden. Galen's 30+ years of professional experience includes Robb & Stucky, Designer's Touch Studio, and Colorado Design Group. He was awarded with the coveted Portfolio Par Excellence while pursuing his design degree. Much of Galen's success can be attributed to his Midwest upbringing and work ethic.  His unwavering dedication to hard work and making sure all the details are just right is highly valued by everyone who works with him.

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Decades of design experience gives Robert a discerning eye for space.

Robert Denning, Galen Interiors

Robert's career started in the advertising world.  After over 20 years of overseeing award-winning campaigns and leading creative teams, he was inspired to pursue another creative passion of his, interior design. In much the same way space on the printed page or a computer screen is important to helping people navigate and interact, the physical space in your home serves a similar purpose.  Robert is also a visual artist and has a keen ability to make the most efficient use of space in a way that is elegant and appealing to those in it.

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