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We'll help make your home work for you today and meet the future needs of changing abilities without compromising on your style.

What does it mean to be an Aging-In-Place Designer? 

We've been specially-trained in the specific needs of older adults who want to stay in their own homes for the long-run.  This means making your home future-ready by addressing the needs that may arise as ability levels change.  We also meet the needs of those who are facing mobility challenges today.  We do it all with the goal of making your home work for you without sacrificing aesthetics or your personal style. 

"In preparation for moving my mom into our home, we knew it was time for a massive renovation to our first floor, including a master suite, kitchen, dining and living room area. They have incredible expertise with all aging in place considerations. Working with them exceeded all expectations. They helped make our renovation dream a reality by helping us with the planning, design and renovation phases. Their insightful approach to this specialized area of interior design, as well as our family's unique needs (and style) brought incredible results. The work is stunningly beautiful! We couldn't be happier with our new home." 

Adele Mulford, Galen Interiors client

Senior couple hugging


The In-Home Evaluation includes a thorough 225-point room-by-room review of your home, both interior and exterior, that enables us to make recommendations to ensure that your home is as safe, accessible, and barrier-free as possible.  It will help ensure that the design plan we develop aligns with your current or future needs.

Accessible bathroom with white tiles and neutral paint for aging in place


Kitchen and bathrooms are the most common areas in need of modification to meet aging-in-place needs.  Subtle choices can have a big impact on how well kitchens and bathrooms will help you live comfortably in your home. A well-designed kitchen or bathroom will just look like a beautiful room, not one that has been modified for  safety needs. 

Kitchenette in mother-in-law apartment


Are you looking to have a parent move in with you?  There is a lot to consider to ensure that a special space for your parent works for both of you.  Galen Interiors can work with you through the thought process, planning and implementation to make sure that your parent will have a space that is safe, comfortable and private.  Through thoughtful collaboration with you and your parent, we can help create a space that will work with your lifestyle and meet the needs and wants of your parent.  

Neutral living room in senior living room


If you have a space you are trying to sell or lease to an older adult audience, we can apply the same principles we use for our residential interior design clients to target the needs and wants of this growing audience to help you market your space. 


Assessment and Consultation

We will start with an in-home meeting to get to know each other better.  What do you enjoy doing? What would you like to do more of? What barriers are keeping you from fully enjoying your life? We'll discuss your needs now and for the foreseeable future, including physical or visual limitations, to find solutions specific to you. The assessment includes a thorough room-by-room review of your home to help us make recommendations to ensure that your home is as safe, accessible, and barrier-free as possible. We can also assess outside spaces to make sure your home fits your needs inside and out so you can live more of the life you want.

Planning and Design

Once we have a clear understanding of your specific needs and wants, we'll develop a plan to make your house the safe, comfortable and beautiful haven it should be. The plan will address how to make the most efficient use of your space and will include recommendations for the modifications, furnishings and features that will provide you the most comfort, safety and ease-of-use. We'll also provide an estimate for the cost and time involved.

Installation and Implementation

Once you approve of the recommendations, we'll start the process of making this vision a reality. The remodeling occurs in this phase, as well as ordering, delivering and installing the furnishings to make your home look just like you want it to.  At the end of this phase, you'll have a safe, comfortable, beautiful home you'll be proud of, personalized just for you. 

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