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The Big Idea for Your Room

A great room starts with a great concept.  You may not know what your personal style is but we can help you figure it out.  We'll make sure we're aligned on the mood you're looking for before we select individual pieces to make sure you're getting exactly the kind of room you want.

Style Profile.jpg

Your Style Profile defines what your personal style is.  It often isn't one definable style.  It's frequently a combination that makes your home uniquely you. We include sample photos and descriptive words to help define the concept that we'll use to create your perfect room.

Mid Century Desert Chic.jpg

Your Mood Board is all about the vibe of your room. How do you want the room to feel?  What do you want it to bring to mind?  Do you want it to feel like one of your favorite vacation spots? The mood board helps us make sure we are creating the kind of environment that brings you joy. 

Custom Color Guide.jpg

Your Custom Color Guide is based on your style profile.  It will provide a guideline for what colors work best together and reflect your personal style.  We'll provide you the exact colors to take away any guesswork for future design additions to your room.

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